Welcome to the Division of Operations and Finance’s e-Budget information. Beginning with the FY21 operating budget, Iowa State is utilizing a new planning and budget development tool, Workday Planning. It replaces the disconnected ecosystem of our legacy planning tools and integrates with the newly implemented financial and human resource systems to unify and automate our planning processes. The final approved operating budget can now be provided to campus and other users electronically, an option that is more efficient and supports institutional goals for sustainability.

The Institutional Budget Management Team will continue to coordinate the annual university budget process, which culminates in the annual budget presented for Board of Regents approval. This e-Budget resource reflects that approved budget and is offered as a simplified means for gaining information.

A series of budget reports are available for review. Contact us (workday_planning@iastate.edu) if you have questions regarding budget reports. 

Using e-Budget Reports

Iowa State University budgets are prepared using Workday Planning, the budget development module that is part of the Workday software platform. Workday Planning integrates data from Workday Finance and Human Capital Management for finance and budgeting professionals to promote useful and informative budgets. Information contained in e-Budget reports is  accessible to anyone with an Iowa State University net-ID.  Click on the links with in the drop down below to access these reports.  A series of budget reports are available for review. Contact us (workday_planning@iastate.edu) if you have questions regarding budget reports. 


Current & Prior Budget Reports & Information:

Institution Reports

Four reports, with varying levels of organizational detail, provide summarized revenue and expense information for the legislative funds budget. Legislative funds include state operating appropriations, federal and state directed appropriations, tuition, indirect cost revenue, and other miscellaneous revenue. 

All reports show the entire institutional budget. Some provide budget summaries for each of the four organizational divisions, some provide budget summaries for the major business units, i.e. colleges, vice presidential, senior vice presidential and presidential.


Business Unit and Department Reports

Summarized revenue and expense budgets are provided for each business unit and the departments within that business unit. Like the institutional reports, the information reflects legislative funds.


Uniform Accounting Classification

Two reports summarize the general university budget using eight uniform accounting classifications: academic support, instruction, institutional support, operation and maintenance of plant, public service, research, scholarships and fellowships, and student services. One reports summarizes the budget by the classifications with amounts for each Business Unit. A second report summarizes the budget for each Business Unit and displays its budget by the eight classifications.


Auxiliary Budgets

An annual operating budget for significant auxiliary enterprises are included here.


Restricted Funds

An aggregated summary of revenue and expense is provided for expendable restricted and other funds, including funds closely related to education, funds whose use is restricted by terms of the gift, grant, or contract, and funds for units providing service to the institution. Organized activities, auxiliary enterprises and independent operations are included.


Salary Information

The costing allocations for positions included in the annual planning process are provided. This information is often useful for faculty and staff as they develop gold sheets as part of the grant proposal submission process.

For grants with multiple PI’s, this tool (Excel file download) has been provided to allocate F&A by college.

Salary information for Iowa State University employees is available online in the State Employee Salary Book.