Planning Budget and Operations Groups
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Institutional Budget Management Team (IBMT)

Represent all divisions within the institution. The team will outline the budget roadmap for budget planning, as well as obtain feedback regarding budget policies, proposed model changes, communications and shared responsibilities. With that feedback, the team will develop proposals for budget model modifications, as well as budget development processes, procedures and policies for discussion with Senior Budget Leaders (listed below).

Bonnie Whalen
Bonnie Whalen, MPA (she/her):  Associate Vice President for Institutional Financial Strategy and Coordinator of IBMT
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Kayt Conrad:  Division of Operations & Finance Director of Business Administration 
Brad Steward
Brad Steward, CPA (he/him):  Budget Analyst and support for IBMT
Ellen Reints (she/her):  Chief Academic Business Officer
Rachel Boenigk, MPSA (they/she):  Division of Student Affairs Director of Administrative Services
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Tammy Michel (she/her):  Fiscal Officer for President's Office


Senior Budget Leaders (SBL)

Reflect broad institutional perspective and all fund sources. Individuals provide input to the institutional budget process and decisions; make decisions and take action for their respective units; and communicate to their department chairs, directors and managers. After a collaborative and transparent process, the President’s final decisions will be communicated with the senior budget leaders group.

  • President: Wendy Wintersteen
  • Senior Vice Presidents: Pam Elliott Cain, Toyia Younger, Jonathan Wickert
  • Academic Deans: Daniel Robison (Agriculture & Life Science), David Spalding (Ivy College of Business), Luis Rico-Gutierrez (Design), Samuel W. Easterling (Engineering), Laura Jolly (Human Sciences), Beate Schmittmann (Liberal Arts & Sciences), Dan Grooms (Veterinary Medicine), William Graves (Graduate College), and Hilary Seo (Library).
  • Vice President for Research: Peter Dorhout
  • Vice President for Extension: John Lawrence
  • Director of the Ames Lab: Adam Schwartz
  • Vice President for Economic Development: David Spalding (Interim)
  • Vice President for University Human Resources: Kristi Darr
  • Vice President and Chief Information Office:  Kristen Constant
  • Vice President for Diversity & Inclusion: Sharon Perry-Fantini 
  • Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management: Laura Doering
  • Director of Athletics: Jamie Pollard
  • President and CEO of the ISU Alumni Association: Jeffery Johnson
  • Associate Vice President for Strategic Relations and Communications: Jacy Johnson 
  • University Counsel: Michael Norton
  • President and CEO of the ISU Foundation: Larissa Holtmyer-Jones
  • Assistant Director for ISU Dining: Stuart Essex
  • Assistant Vice President for Residence Halls: Peter Englin
  • Assistant Vice President for Student Health and Wellness: Erin Baldwin
  • Institutional Budget Management Team: Rachel Boenigk, Kayt Conrad, Tammy Michel, Ellen Reints, Brad Steward, and Bonnie Whalen

Operations and Finance Colleagues (OFC)

Support one of the senior budget leaders, represent a significant budgetary unit, or are a member of the Institutional Budget Management Team. This group includes broad campus representation to discuss current issues, such as, Workday, budget, financial matters, service delivery, policies and tax. Each representative is expected to gather input, advice and perspective from their units to share with the full group.

One primary role of the Operations and Finance Colleagues is to provide input on institutional budget development, including the structure, process, procedures and policies that guide annual budget development. In addition, the group will provide input about process and procedures in the areas of finance, budget, and other administrative operations, particularly when changes are being considered. Each person will provide insight, input and advice from their unit on a variety of topics, collect data as needed to advance projects, inform their senior budget leader as needed, and communicate with department level staff as appropriate.

  • Senior Vice President for Operations and Finance: Pam Cain
  • Institutional Budget Management Team: Rachel Boenigk, Kayt Conrad, Tammy Michel, Ellen Reints, Brad Steward, and Bonnie Whalen
  • Controller Department: Laura Humberger & Erin Johnson (Interim Controller)
  • Procurement:  Carole Gill
  • Business System Analyst:  Alicia Duncan
  • Payroll, Benefits, & Tax: Tim Ashley
  • Finance Delivery: Karen Cline, Rachael Gross, Heather Paris, & Jenni Winter
  • Facilities Planning & Management: Jennifer Grouwinkel
  • Specialty Business Services & Cultural Arts: Justin Despotovich, Cheryl Ervin, Kate Nelson, and Sara Sinclair
  • Treasurer’s Office: Tammy Hansen
  • Dean of Students Office: Tracy Borts
  • Student Health & Wellness: Sara Parris
  • Recreation Services: Kristi Dillon
  • Memorial Union: John Lauridsen
  • Residence: Lynn Jones
  • Information Technology Services: Rhonda Fiscus
  • Athletics budget director: Chris Jorgensen & Andrew Kautman
  • Ames Lab budget director: Michelle Avila, Steve Hamilton & John Lawson
  • Campus Dining Services: Stuart Essex
  • Academic Fiscal Officers: Amber Miller (Senior Vice President and Provost), AJ Richards (Senior Vice President and Provost) Jordan Gillespie (Ag & Life Sci), Ruth MacDonald (CALS), Soma Mitra (Ivy College of Business), Pam Boehm (Design), , Michael Francom (Engineering), Brent Brungardt (Engineering), Benjamin Phillips (Human Sciences), Venita Currie (LAS), Renee Knosby (Vet Med), Lynette McBirnie-Sprecher (Graduate College), Andrea Lutter (Extension), Brent Swanson (Library), Jeremy Neppl (VPR), Siti Sabtu-Schaper (Academic Affairs Administration), and Kristine Hackett (Enrollment Management).

Enrollment Research Team (ERT)

Provide crucial projections on student enrollments using historical, current and trend data about admissions, student financial aid, retention, and graduation, with input from academic colleges, including the graduate college. Work collaboratively with the Institutional Budget Management Team to transform enrollment data into revenue estimates.

  • Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management:  Laura Doering
  • Student Financial Aid:  Roberta Johnson and Greg Forbes
  • Office of the Registrar:  Jonathan Compton and Jennifer Suchan
  • Office of Admission:  Katharine Suski